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How to perform camera detection manually?
Last Updated 3 years ago

This procedure allowing the user to specify known camera parameters, instead of retrieving them from connected camera.
This can be helpful in cases:
  • debugging, when automatic detection fails.
  • a camera does not implement read/write functionality over connection with grabber
  • we need to skip camera reset/initialization process

Manual camera detection is to be done with the presumption that camera connectivity,
topology and communication speed is known for current discovery session.

Generally, Manual discovery is much faster and less restrictive. Nevertheless wrong
manual connectivity configurations might yield in unknown results and insufficient camera initialization.

Manual discovery process steps:

  1. Determine the camera speed, number of links and order of connection between camera channels and Frame Grabber links.
  2. Select the “CameraSelector” value for each camera wished to be connected
    and change “ManualCameraMode” to “On” state to enable Manual discovery.
  3. Set the “ManualCameraConnectionConfig” to determine the number of camera channels and current camera speed.
  4. For each physical connection (total amount defined by “ManualCameraConnectionConfig”),
    select camera channel using “ManualCameraChannelSelector”.
  5. Determine the correct Frame Grabber link, to which the camera channel is attached,
    using “ManualCameraFGLink” configuration parameter.
  6. Now camera scan can be initiated using camera detection button.

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